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Testing Speedlink QUINOX Pro gamepad

This time I got my hand on to Speedlink QUINOX Pro gamepad. It is wired and connects to a USB port. I will compare this gamepad to Xbox One controller since I have it at hand.

Speedlink QUINOX Pro

Package containes gamepad with wire and couple of quick start instructions. You do not need anything else with the gamepad. It was easy to setup the gamepad. Just download the drivers and install those. Then plug the gamepad in and job done!

Lets look at the features:

  • Programmable gamepad for the PC
  • Analog sticks and digital 8-way D-pad for maximum precision
  • Ergonomically positioned left stick for comfortable analog gaming
  • 2 analog triggers, 2 bumpers and 10 digital buttons incl. Start and Back
  • 2 additional shoulder buttons – freely customisable and with macro support
  • 4 additional buttons on the back – freely customisable and with macro support
  • 2 button profiles for button assignment storage
  • 2 macro profiles for macro storage
  • 2 controls for button programming and settings
  • Practical OLED display
  • Intense vibration effects for realistic gaming
  • Stunning glow
  • Adjustable analog stick and trigger sensitivity
  • Detachable USB cable (cable length: 2.4m, micro USB to USB)
  • Weight: approx. 205g

Speedlink QUINOX Pro

Gamepad has same key layout as Xbox controller. There are few differences like the extra buttons that regular Xbox controller does not have. For me those extra buttons on the back and shoulders are great addition to controller. Xbox controller seems to be having more quality feeling than QUINOX Pro. Maybe they should add a bit more weight and better plastic and it could be better than Xbox controller.

You can program the gamepad yourself and it happens with the small oled screen and control buttons. This is handy way of doing mappings since settings are saved on the gamepad itself.

Speedlink QUINOX Pro

I did not have any problems during my gaming sessions and I got hang of those back buttons quite fast. I programmed back buttons to RB/LB/LT/RT buttons. There was two programmable buttons on the back and I placed them to be a press of stick. Excellent, you can do the same kind of thing in Xbox Elite controller but I think it is a bit expensive.

Only reason why I prefer my Xbox One controller is wire. I have wireless dongle for my computer and I prefer wireless over wired. Enter the Gungeon was more fun with QUINOX Pro since shooting is in RB/LB buttons and I liked to use those programmable back buttons.

I did not have problems with Windows 10 and everything worked just fine. Length of the wire is good and it feels nice. Even better the plug is standard micro-usb so you can place any wire to it.

This is a good controller and if it were wireless it would be perfect for me. Lately I have been trying to minimize wired devices. Extra programmable buttons are awesome and you do not need them until you have them!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

More information about the gamepad: speedlink.com

Gamepad was delivered for free for testing. All opinions are mine!

This article was originally published in my finnish blog.