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Testing Samsung Soundbar (HW-K460) and Wireless Rear Kit (SWA-8000S)

I updated my livingroom sound for better. I purchased soundbar and wireless rear speakers. For year I have dreamed of a home theater and now I noticed a good offer for this. I got a soundbar and wireless rear speakers was a campaing offer.

One reason for the soundbar is that it produces enough voice for us and those are pretty good nowadays. Couple of months ago my brother got a soundbar also and soundbar is good solutions for apartment - if we think about our neighbours.

Samsung Soundbar (HW-K460)

Samsung Soundbar (HW-K460)

First mail brought me the soundbar and after it had arrived I could order the rear speakers since the campaign offer was that you need some info from the soundbar to place an order for the speakers. With soundbar you got wireless subwoofer, remote, wires and some screws etc.

Setup was simple. Plug soundbar and subwoofer to wall and place sound cable to soundbar and attach it to tv. Put batteries in to the remote (those were included also) and turn everything on! Subwoofer paired itself automatically to soundbar so that was a good start. There is no wire between subwoofer and soundbar so you can place the subwoofer where you want it. You could attach the soundbar to the wall also - all screws etc. were included!

I would be happy with the soundbar alone and the quality is good for me and more than enough. I can adjust base and some other variables through soundbar. Sound from the tv comes flawlessly through soundbar.

I use mainly the optic cable and it works fine. Sound from every device that is connected to tv comes through soundbar. PS4, Chromecast, Wii U sound comes flawlessly through soundbar and I have not had any issues. It sound way better than my televisions own speakers.

We listened some music through soundbar and you could use bluetooth to connect your devices to soundbar. You could listen to Spotify through soundbar. You can use AUC cable also and I have been thinking of getting Chromecast Audio. And if I'm correct, you could connect some Samsung televisions straight to the soundbar.

Only problem is with my tv. You have to put volume to zero and I had to adjust volume through soundbar. If I did not have tv volume to zero the sound was coming through both of them. Problem is in the tv not in soundbar.

Wireless Rear Kit SWA-8000S

Wireless Rear Kit SWA-8000S

This was free addon to soundbar because Samsung had a campaign where you could have this free of charge. This was one of the reason why I got the soundbar. Package had two small speakers, wireless receiver and wires.

Setup was quite simple. Place some wires to the receiver and speakers. Pair the soundbar and receiver - I needed the instructions for this. After this you can set the volume of the rear speakers.

Biggest thing for me is that this is almost wireless. Only wires goes to the receiver and to the wall. There are no wires between receiver and soundbar so I did not have to put wire through my room.

There are no huge change in the sound quality in normal tv watching but it is a nice addition. There are thos moments when you wonder what is that sound you hear from behind and that is the sound from rear speakers.

I would not have bought these speakers but I got them free so these are nice addition indeed.

In conclusion

We have been pleased with this purchase and tv sound quality is much better than televisions own speakers. Finnish ISP Elisa had these on black friday offers and set was only 200 euros. With this you got the soundbar and rear speakers!

I have been using soundbar for couple of weeks and rear speakers couple of days. There has not been any problems and I hope there will be none. Maybe someday my tv will update itself and I can resolve the issue with it.

As usually, questions can be asked down below. If I forgotted something or you want more information, please let me know!

I bought the soundbar myself. Samsung or Elisa had nothing to do with this article.

This article was originally published in my finnish blog.

Images: Samsung