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Testing Nifty Minidrive

Nifty Minidrive is a good way to add more storage to your MacBook. It does not interfere your daily usage and once you plugged it in you do not see it!

I actually have been using Minidrive since last spring and it has been working without any problems! Minidrive is an MicroSD card reader but it has a one thing that other readers do not have. It sits flat on your MacBooks sd card slot. So it does not stick out from the slot and can be inserted and it does not interfere with your daily usage.

It is simple way to add more disk space to a MacBook since in most models you cannot upgrade it by yourself. You can add your own MicroSD card to it and use it as an external drive.

The storage capacity you receive with a MiniDrive depends entirely on the microSD you use with it. The bigger the microSD card, the bigger the storage boost.

I have 128 GB MicroSD card and it has been enough for me. I have my Dropbox there and a bit of backups. It is perfect for this kind of use. Dropbox is an excellent example for an app that uses space but you can change the location of it. Also other similar cloud storage apps could be placed in the Minidrive.

I can alway buy a bigger MicroSD card and upgrade my space that way. I cannot however upgrade my MacBooks disk space... I had one MacBook before this one and there I upgraded memory and hdd to ssd but now I cannot do anything. That is why Minidrive is such a good thing to get.

There is one downside to it though. You cannot use your SD card reader to read other SD cards while you are using the minidrive. This is not a huge problem for me since I can always use USB card reader os USB cable to transfer images from camera to my computer.

You can take the minidrive off but in my case Dropbox will start bothering me that the Dropbox folder is not found. So I keep my Minidrive on my MacBook at all times.


As I said there has not been any issues with the Minidrive. It has been in use for a year now and I am still loving it. I may upgrade my MicroSD card to 256 gigs but there has not been any need for it yet.

This is such a cool way to solve a simple problem. I highly recommend it!

You can check the Minidrive out from Nifty's webpage: bynifty.com