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Testing Bose QC35 headphones

This is the first time I am testing a headphones for my blog and it is a great pair of headphones to start with. I was contacted by Bose Finland PR office and asked me if I want to test Bose QC35 headphones - answer was easy, yes! Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones are wireless headphones that have my new favorite feature: noise-cancellation. Immediately when I put these on my head the noise just went away - silence.

It was easy to start using these. Just pair it with your phone or other bluetooth device and if you want download Bose Connect app. You can control your headphones with the app but I did not find it necessary. I have been using these headphones mostly for listening music with my phone.

In the package you get headphones, USB for charging (MicroUSB), 3.5mm headphone wire, airplane adapter and a case. Quality of the headphones is great and the size is compact and it is a light pair of headphones. You expect certain state of quality because the price (430€). In my head the QC35 was great and I could use them longer periods. Finnish summer and high humidity will cause some sweating but there is no workaround for that in these conditions. Headphones has some other buttons than on/off - you can adjust volume and change the song.

You can listen headphones with wired mode also. Just plug the wire that comes with the headphones in and enjoy. This also consumes less battery. I used headphones only in wireless mode since I am starting to hate wires. According to Bose you can get. 20 hours with wireless and 40 hours with wired. I did not do so comprehensive tests that I could verify this info. I like to charge my devices when they are not used so they have juice.

So how do these sound? Short answer: goooood. I am not an audiophile and I have cheap 10€ in-ear headphones. Recently I got 60€ wireless in-ear headphones also. I have been using these kind of headphones at work and there I have cheap 20€ headphones. Bose QC35 are better than my other headphones for sure but I did not get "wow effect" out of these, except the noise-cancellation is awesome feature and enought wow for me. I can't compare these to others same price range headphones since I have none. I am pleased how these sound and you could expect that for the price.

Bose QC35

These headphones has microphone for calls also, but I did not test this - I have dedicated handsfree for phone calls and I like to use it. I dont think these headphones are for replacing handsfree but for listenint music and consuming media.

Yeah, these are great headphones. There are no denying that. These are way better than any of the headphones that I own and they should be because they are in different price range. Just the noise-cancellation is the feature that I will be missing. It would be fun to compare these with others in the same price range but that is not possible right now. Sadly I was not travelling in my test period - it would be cool to test these things on an airplane.

If you have enough money to put on 430€ headphones and you want wireless noise-cancelling headphones - go for it! I would use these daily.

Headphones was delivered free of charge to try by Bose. All opinions are mine alone! Check headphones out at Bose.com.

This article was originally published in my finnish blog.