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My summer plans

Shall we talk about summer a bit. It has finally arrived here in Finland! Last week had the first good summer days and I spent time on my balcony. I thought it would be cool to reveal some summer plans of mine.

Usually I work most of my summer and spend couple weeks of. I usually have weekends off so I can spent those outside or in my balcony relaxing and barbecuing. If there is no rain we will make some simple bbq for dinner. Mainly some meat, vegetables etc.

This summer we have two trips planned out. First is at the end of June. We will go to Estonia for few days. Tallinn, Estonia is one of the easiest travel locations for us and onfe of my favorite locations. First we drive about 4.5 hours to Helsinki and take a ferry to Estonia. Then we park our car near our rented apartment and spend the holiday in Tallinn. Maybe I write more about Estonia in future?!

Second trip is a tradition. We will go to Greece for a couple of weeks. This time we will go to Kos and spend two weeks there. Greece is our favorite travel destination since the people are friendly, food is good and lovely atmosphere - also it is bit cheaper than Finland.

Rest of the summer will be spent on working and spending weekends doing something else than work. BBQ, couple of ciders and good company is a great recipe for a great summer day.

By the way. The article image is from last week when I did part of my work day at my balcony. It was a quite nice work enviroment!