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If you own Nintendo 3DS, upgrade your SD/microSD card!

I got a new game from eShop to my New Nintendo 3DS XL. I had to remove some other games to download Animal Crossing New Leaf to my 3DS. I had the SD card that came with the device. I decided that I need an upgrade!

I happened to have a 32 gigabyte microSD card at my drawer so I decided to use that. Nintendo 3DS only supports SD cards up to 32 gigabytes so I was in luck! New 3DS has the microSD card and older 3DS has larger SD card. So remember that when you are buying a new SD card.

Here are some links to help you choose the right card for you:

I happened to have Samsung Pro microSDHC 32GB UHS-I (Class 10) 90 MB/s microSD card and it has been working great! I know that my friend has the same card since he got it from me and it has been working also. So I can say that for me and my friend this Samsung card works.

Switching cards is pretty simple. Remove the back cover and take the SD/microSD card away and plug it in your computer. Copy all folders to your computer. Put the new SD/microSD card in and format it. Then copy the files to the new SD/microSD card and put it back in the device.

Here are couple of links to help you with it:

When I looked at the microSD card that came with my 3DS, I noticed it was only class 4 card. So it was a bit slow card compared to my UHS-I card. It took a while to copy files from the old card because of the fact that it was a slower card.

Now I'm happy with my 3DS since it has a lot of space and now I can get more games from eShop if I want. I only own couple of cartridges since they have been quite expensive for my taste. I mostly buy games when they are at sale.

If you have any other tips for Nintendo 3DS, please tell!