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I'm hunting a new laptop for gaming. I recently sold my PC and now I'm trying to decide and get a good deal of a gaming laptop. I will now ramble about gaming laptops a bit.

First of all I should explain why I sold my pc. Well there was i5 2500k processor and GTX 970, SSDs and other basic stuff. I needed a upgrade and upgrading that computer would have needed a new motherboard, cpu and memory. I decided to sell it and get some euros for it.

Now I'm hunting a gaming laptop because it is a portable solution and it is a better choice for me instead of a tower pc. Here is my wishlist for a gaming laptop:

  • i7 kaby lake processor
  • 8 GB (and possibility for an upgrade) or 16 GB ram
  • at least 256 GB SSD and normal hdd or possibility for adding one
  • 1060 or 1070 graphics card
  • at least 15" screen
  • FullHD - no need for 4k screen

I have been looking for Asus GL502VM and Lenovo Legion Y720 laptops. Currently I'm waiting for a good deal. I have no urgent need to get a gaming laptop but it would be nice to play a bit newer and demanding games :)

I also would like to have a gaming laptop that would last for more than a couple of years. My pc was initially build at 2011 and some parts were of course upgraded like memory, ssd and graphics card.

Do you have some experience with these new kaby lake or 10xx series laptops? If you have, plese tell me!

Cover image: Lenovo