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Airport simulators!

I love these kind of games! There are two airport simulators coming and other one is already out for early access! Both of the games are a similar to Prison Architect but in airport!


I have been playing SimAirport for couple of weeks and it shows it is in early access. It could be a great game though! Yes, there are few bugs and stuff but devs are working with it! I like to play these kind of games where you build stuff and see how it affects the enviroment.

SimAirport is a lot of fun but it needs more content. It also has some fps issues when the airport grows. I like the simple look and how it works. There are lot of promise in this game and I hope that this develops further!

Airport CEO

Other airport simulator is Airport CEO which looks promising! It has not been released to public and I do not have a copy of it. It has a lot of things working and I love how the building works. I think this has a bit more depth than SimAirport at the moment.

I hope to get my hands on Airport CEO as soon as it gets out to public. I'm quite excited about this game. It looks great and game seems to be good too.

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Images: simairport.com & airportceo.com

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